Saturday, August 02, 2008

Heaven's "Whoever" Policy

Whoever in the Bible is a pretty all-inclusive term. In other words, no one has to be left out. The worst sinner, the vilest offender, the most despicable character, and the most hard-hearted person are all included in the potentiality wrapped up in that whoever statement. I am also included in the whoever statements. The next time you are reading the Bible, substitute your name for the word whoever.

Some folks find it hard to believe that they are desirable to God.


They obviously recognize God‘s holiness and they can see their own personal depravity. They see the great gulf that separates them from God and they see no way to cross from the depraved side to the Godly side.

Been there!

For many, it is easy to recognize our need for God, but often difficult to comprehend God‘s desire for a relationship with us. We can‘t add anything to God that He doesn't already have or that He needs. So, why does God desire to have a relationship with us and why did He allow His Son to be sacrificed so that the relationship could be made possible? It‘s because of His love for his creation. Remember the theme of all of this? - - - "For God SO LOVED the world . . . "

God’s "Whoever Policy" includes you and me and everyone else on planet Earth. And as Christians, it is our responsibility to:
  • point people to God’s love and,
  • not stand in the way of them seeing God’s love.

So, here is a question for you to consider:

Is it easier for you to point people to God’s love or to control your actions and attitudes so that you don’t become a stumbling block to others?

The very reason many people out there in the world fail to accept God‘s offer of salvation is because of their encounters with people who are “Christians.” How often has someone told you about those hypocrites in the church? If that is how they view Christians, do you really blame them for not wanting to be one? I don't!

One final question to consider:

When people encounter you, are they encouraged or disgusted? Are you a good advertisement for God’s “whoever” policy?

Lord, help me to be a good example of what it is to be a Christian.

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