Thursday, December 31, 2009

What have I learned in 2009?

I have experienced much in 2009 and I have learned much in 2009. 

The actual list is way too long (and way too boring for most folks to care about and read), but there are three highlights worthy of mentioning here.
  • I learned that journaling as a Spiritual discipline is really hard.
  • I learned that being a grandfather is unbelievably awesome!
  • I learned that God is still in control.
What have you learned this year?

What do you think next year will be like?

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wow! More than a month!

Wow! More than a month has gone by since my last post.  That has got to change.  I have so many things running through my head.  And I need to express them  Yet, there doesn't seem to be the time to put them down on paper or on the blog.

But that is one of the changes that I am looking to make in this coming year.  I am going to try to be more frequent in posting.  I am trying to be more disciplined in jotting down my thoughts into my journal for ease of reference later.

And, as an aside, I am going to try to read more this year.  For those who know me personally, you know what a major challenge that will be for me this coming year.  But, nevertheless, that is what I am hoping to do in the coming days, weeks and months.  In fact, I picked up a book from my shelf this morning while I was enjoying my 2nd, 3rd and 4th cups of coffee.  I made it through the introduction and the first two chapters.  A fairly good start I would say.

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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Life Gets Busy

When you look at your blog and realize that an entire month has gone by since your last post, you are too busy!

Consider this passage.

"We are merely moving shadows, and all our busy rushing ends in nothing. We heap up wealth for someone else to spend."
Psalm 39:6 NLT

Well, I don't know about the wealth sentence. But, I find myself rushing around a lot lately. Perhaps I should slow down and enjoy what God is doing around me right now.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Here's what happens when you are willing to be a pizza getter

My last post was about a message that my brother preached recently at his church up in Michigan.  Well, two days ago, they took the spirit of that message to the streets.

Here is what the local newspaper said about the church that day:

I guess this is what you get when people are willing to go get the pizza or do whatever else God calls them to do.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sometimes you go and get the pizza

I heard a great message today from a great pastor.  He isn't the pastor of my home church.  But he once was.  It was all about the phrase, "Don't Go to Church.  Be the Church."

We were exhorted to be Jesus Christ's feet and hands extended to a lost and hurting world.  We were told that everyone is needed.  Everyone is wanted.  Everyone has abilities that God wants us to use for His glory.  We were told that everyone has value.

Then I remembered something that happened many years ago.  I remember showing up one evening after work to work with the pastor and one of his biggest helpers at the church.  We were going to begin work on refurbishing the nursery.  It was a small but growing church.  (There is always something to be done in a growing church.)  The pastor gave me the job of removing the baseboard trim so that we could put a new floor down and repaint the room.  I had no tools, so I walked over to the toolbox in the corner.  I grabbed the largest hammer that I could find.  It turned out to be a framing hammer.

Well, I took that hammer and began wailing away on the baseboard trim.  I managed to bust up about 6 or 8 feet of trim before the pastor came over and grabbed my arm in mid swing.  He asked me what I was doing.  I said that I was removing the trim.  He said, "You know, we had hoped to re-use that trim after we paint it." -- Oooops.

I was willing.  But I really wasn't equipped for the job.

It was at that point that experienced a feeling that I did not have the skills and abilities that God could use in His Kingdom.  You see, I really have no real skills when it comes to carpentry or building skills.  And that was what was needed at the moment.  I was given a new assignment by the pastor that evening.  One that didn't involve the destruction of the materials that we would need later in the project.

I was told to go and drive over to the local pizza joint and get some pizza for the three of us that were working.  I suggested that we just call the pizza place and have it delivered.  I could then get back to the work of "removing" the baseboard trim.  The pastor said, that what I really needed to do was to go and get the pizza.  I knew that it would take 45 minutes to an hour to go and get the pizza.  How demoralizing. 

Did I mention that the pastor was my brother?

Fast forward to this morning's service.  We were told this morning that we all had skills and talents that God can use.  Rewind to that night so many years ago.  Instead of working on the project, I was sent to go fetch the pizza.

Why can't I be the one to work with the tools and "build" the Kingdom like my brother and Gary?

Then I heard the unmistakable voice of God.  "You don't choose the job.  You just answer the call."  I wanted to be a builder.  Because I thought that was the right call.  But God's call is a personal call.  I am called to obedience just like you are.  But the form that obedience takes is often times different for me than you.

And it dawned on me.  Sometimes you are called to go get the pizza.

So I echo the words of the pastor this morning.  Don't let your own self-doubts or feelings that you don't have the right skills for the Kingdom.  Just answer the call.

Oh, and did I mention, the pastor that spoke this morning was that same brother?

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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Update to the Family Tree

Today was a great day!

Today we officially welcomed Andy Barnette into the family.  Andy married my niece, Ashley, in a beautiful ceremony where there was love abounding.

There was the love of the young couple.  That was easy to spot.  There was the love of a father and mother as they looked on as a new family was begun.  That was also pretty easy to spot.  And there was the love of close friends and extended family as they looked on and pledged that they would prayerfully support this new family.

I think God was pleased today.  Clearly this young couple wants to have God central to their marriage.  The love of God may not have been as obvious to see to the untrained eye.  But if you looked into the eyes of Ashley and Andy, Dave and Diane, and John and Betsy, you could see it.  It was just as obvious if you knew where to look.

Blessings on you Mr. and Mrs. Barnette.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

One of the finest Worship Leaders I have ever known

I was invited to a church choir concert tonight.  The concert was at a church that we used to attend a few years ago.  We felt God releasing us from what we doing there and calling us to the church that we attend now.

We left that church with mixed emotions.  One of the emotions that we experienced when we left was the emotion and feeling of loss.  Loss of the blessing of watching a person with a true gift of God use it to bring glory and honor to Him.  While at that church we had an opportunity to observe one of the finest Ministers of Music or Worship Leaders that I have ever known.  He leads worship with such a passion that it is hard to put down in words.  It is a blessing just to watch him lead the choir and exhort them to sing with their whole heart.

I sat in the congregation tonight and just basked in the glory of God as we listened to some new music and some old standards of the church sung by the choir.  I was deeply moved by some of the music.  I watched with a sense of awe as the director led the choir tonight.  He was leading.  And they were following.  And God was getting the glory.

Thank you Mark Terry for all that have done and are doing for the Kingdom.  I always feel like I have worshiped when you lead in worship.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Launching a new blog

Well, I decided to go ahead and launch a new blog.  It is called, "What is it there for(e)?"  I have no plans to diminish the frequency of posting to this one.  But, I don't think that this one fits exactly with what I am wanting to do on "What is it there for(e)?" blog. 

It is still in its infancy.  I don't have a lot of the extras or widgets on it yet.  But, it is launched.  And that is the goal for this week-end.  I have another post already to go.  But, I will post it later on this week-end.

I hope you will be an active participant in the dialog on the new blog also.  Feel free to send me suggestions for good "Therefore" posts. 

After all, isn't that what blogs are there for?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Considering another blog . . .

I don't seem to have time to keep this blog updated. And yet, I have an idea rattling around inside my head that I may need to spend some time developing. It goes sort of like this.

I heard a preacher say many years ago, "Whenever you come across a "Therefore" in the Bible, you need to stop and figure out exactly what it is there for."  That was good advice then and it is good advice now.  Therefore, I am working on launching a new blog that will just deal with passages in the Bible that begin with "Therefore . . ."  I plan to pause a while and look at the verse in context and see what it has to say to me. 

What do you think?  Do you have any suggestions?  If so, send them to me by email or post them as comments on this blog.  I plan to get my first post out this week-end.  But, we'll see how that goes.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

I am a "House Cut"

This is a little out of ordinary for my blog, but a thought came to me today. Now that alone is somewhat blogworthy. But, I am going to try to make an application to the theme of my blog.

Several years ago I gave up on dealing with my hair. What hair that I had left was not, nor had ever been, very cooperative. It tended to want to go wherever it wanted despite the lotions and potions that I piled on it to keep it down. So, one day, I asked my barber to make a suggestion. She suggested that I just go to a "#1 or #2" razor guard, cut it really short and be done with it. I did it and I loved it.

What freedom came with that decision. I no longer had to wait in line for the particular barber that remembered how to cut my hair. I now was no longer a "Chair Cut". I was now a "House Cut". All I needed to tell whoever cut my hair was "#1" and they would take it from there.




Now for the application . . .

How over complicated do we make our lives? How overcomplicated do we make our Christian journey?

I am working on simplifying my Christian journey. I want to focus on the essentials. I want to cut out the extra stuff that denominations and traditions have piled on. Now, don't worry. I am not giving up on my denomination. And I am one of the most traditional guys you can imagine. I just want to simplify things and focus on Jesus and not the trappings of religiosity.

(Don't worry Mom and Dad, I am still firmly a Nazarene!)

I just am starting to catch a glimpse of my own mortality and want to make sure that I am focusing on the "Object" and not the "Frame" that it sits in.

Does that make sense to anyone else?

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Embracing a Concept vs. Embracing a Lifestyle

An interesting discussion arose this morning out of our regular Saturday morning breakfast at Panera Bread Co. that my wife and I have adopted over the past couple of years. We were discussing something and, you know me, I have turned it into a Theological issue. (No surprises there.)

I don't know if I am prepared to develop the thought much at this point. But I put the thought out there for your comments and for me to noodle on a little more. Here is the question that I am posing:

In our Christian lives do we all to often embrace the concept of Christianity without embracing the lifestyle changes that it requires?

What does that mean? Well, to me it means do we embrace the idea of Christianity without embracing the little things in life that are so important to be true followers of Jesus Christ?

What do you think?

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Building Your faith - Part 8 - Atmosphere

Part 1 of this mini-series on building your faith was about reading your Bible as a way to build your faith. Part 2 was about praying as a faith builder. Part 3 was about resolve and commitment. Part 4 took a look at endurance, another quality that is not in vogue much these days. Part 5 was about consistence and built a little on the prior post. And Part 6 took on the tough subject of Patience. last time we looked at the issue of obedience and how it impacted our faith.

The final topic is about Building and Atmosphere of Faith.

How do I build my faith?

Several years ago, “You are what you eat,” became a very popular catch-phrase. Personally, I tend to attribute the success of this catchy slogan to the truth contained in it. After all, it does make sense. Similarly, we are a reflection of what we immerse ourselves in.

I dare you to take a personal inventory of your life today. Do the things you immerse yourself in (family, friends, career, music, literature and media outlets) reflect or create an atmosphere where God would be pleased and Jesus would be glorified? Or do they have an opposite effect? If the latter is true, I encourage you to make some changes as soon as possible.

Building your faith in God requires an earnest desire to know God better. No one is perfect but, I truly believe as you activate the principals shared in this series of brief topics, you will build your faith. You will begin learning to trust God more and more each day.

For scriptural references please review the list below.

  • Exodus 14:10-14
  • 1 Samuel 15:20-23
  • Psalms 16:1-11
  • Proverbs 3:5-8
  • Proverbs 16:32
  • Matthew 6:5-14
  • Matthew 9:27-30
  • Matthew 17:17-20
  • Mark 8:34-38
  • Mark 11:24
  • Romans 5:1-5
  • Corinthians 9:24-27
  • Galatians 5:22
  • Thessalonians 5:17
  • Hebrews 12:1-4
Read these passages. Let them speak to you and to your heart. Decide to incorporate them into your daily life and your daily habits. And just see how strong your faith muscles become.

Thanks for being a part of this mini-series on "How do I build my faith?"

Building Your faith - Part 7 - Obedience

Part 1 of this mini-series on building your faith was about reading your Bible as a way to build your faith. Part 2 was about praying as a faith builder. Part 3 was about resolve and commitment. Part 4 took a look at endurance, another quality that is not in vogue much these days. Part 5 was about consistence and built a little on the prior post. And Part 6 took on the tough subject of Patience.

This time, let's look at Obedience. Again, not an easy topic.

How do I build my faith?

Each day we live represents a new opportunity for us to be better than the day before. This is part of the "process" of Holiness. In order to seize the endless possibilities available for us in God, we must learn to obey the Word of God wholeheartedly. When we obey God we activate our faith and open a door for God's power to be manifested in our lives.

But let's be clear on one thing. Obedience is not a free pass to health, wealth and happiness. Obedience often has a cost. Consider the cost of obedience to God's own Son.

God wants to bless us. He wants to help us build our faith muscles. But the prerequisite is always obedience.

Like the old song says;

Trust and obey.
For there's no other way,
to be happy in Jesus.
But to trust and obey.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Building Your Faith - Part 6 - Patience

Part 1 of this mini-series on building your faith was about reading your Bible as a way to build your faith. Part 2 was about praying as a faith builder. Part 3 was about resolve and commitment. Part 4 took a look at endurance, another quality that is not in vogue much these days. Part 5 was about consistence and built a little on the prior post. This time, let's consider Patience. It may not be a big issue for you. But it is for me.

So, let's hurry up and deal with it! I can't wait much longer!

How do I build my faith?

The importance of having patience is much overlooked in our world today. Everybody wants what they want-when they want it. This mentality has severe drawbacks though, because it often leads us to approach our relationship with God in the same manner. We are God's children. Unfortunately, we often act like little children and throw temper tantrums when we do not get our way, not realizing that God cannot be suckered into granting us all the items on our wish list. Remember God is a loving Father not a magician or cosmic Santa Claus.

Romans 5:1-5 Says,

Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ: By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God. And not only [so], but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; And patience, experience; and experience, hope: And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.

Or as it says in James 1:3-4,
Knowing that the proving of your faith worketh patience. And let patience have [its] perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, lacking in nothing.

Hmmmm . . . I am not sure I like this tie in with tribulations and temptations. But that is what God's Word says.

So, Lord, give me patience. And give them to me quick!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Building Your Faith - Part 5 - Consistency

Part 1 of this mini-series on building your faith was about reading your Bible as a way to build your faith. Part 2 was about praying as a faith builder. Part 3 was about resolve and commitment. Part 4 took a look at endurance, another quality that is not in vogue much these days. Today I would like to consider Consistency.

How do I build my faith?

One of my favorite words is "flaky" (the state of being inconsistent or unstable) because I feel it so accurately describes the human condition. For many people, life is nothing more than a never ending roller coaster ride. Emotionally they are up one minute and down the next. Consistency, on the other hand, is the alternative to this haphazard (and many times undisciplined) ride.

Consistency means to exhibit regularity in your thoughts, actions and behaviors. For example, it is important to read your Bible, pray, trust God, and govern yourself according to the Word of God even when you do not feel like it. Let me break it down further. The ability to behave in a consistent manner is not predicated on your feelings. Honestly, how often do you feel like going to work, cleaning your home, or returning that dreaded phone call?

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Building Your Faith - Part 4 - Endurance

Part 1 of this mini-series on building your faith was about reading your Bible as a way to build your faith. Part 2 was about praying as a faith builder. Part 3 was about resolve and commitment. This time, let's look at another quality that is not in vogue much these days -- Endurance.

How do I build my faith?

The Bible tells us that the winners of life's race are not the people who are the quickest, the smartest or even the most successful but; the true winners are the men and women who keep going against all odds. Life is a journey filled with twist and turns. Unfortunately, most people are defeated before their ship even sets sail. Therefore, I urge you today to not give-up or give-in to life's setbacks. No matter what you are facing make it a point to stay in the race.

The Apostle Paul says something that sounds very familiar to my statement above. Paul uses a "running" analogy several times in his letters to the early church. In Hebrews chapter 12 and verse 1 he says the following.

"Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us,"

And these words to young Timothy in 2 Timothy 4:5.

"But you, be sober in all things, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry."

I didn't realize that endurance and hardship were so entwined. Then I thought about. I guess I really had never heard anyone discuss that they were having to endure pleasure! Sort of makes you think, doesn't it?

But if we endure. We will be rewarded. Maybe not materially. But we will be rewarded with ever increasing faith.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Building Your Faith - Part 3 - Resolve

Part 1 of this mini-series on building your faith was about reading your Bible as a way to build your faith. Part 2 was about praying as a faith builder. This time, let's consider something that gone out of style in much of today's society - resolve and commitment.

How do I build my faith?

Forget the candy covered sermons you have heard. (Ooooh, did I just say that?) Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is not always convenient nor is it often very easy. In fact, it takes a good deal of "focus." Distractions will always be a phone call or television show away. There will always be an American Idol or a Jon and Kate to turn our attention from the things of God. But, despite the constant overloads of life, you have to make-up your mind to follow Jesus Christ no matter the cost.

The old-timers would say that if you stuck to something, then you had "resolve." Well, I don't know about you. But I am sticking with Jesus. The apostle Paul referred to Jesus as the "author and finisher of our faith." Take a little stroll through the 12th chapter of Hebrews. See if verse 2 doesn't jump out at you. But, wait a minute. If you read the Bible, that will just reinforce Step 1!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Building Your Faith - Part 2 - Pray

In Part 1 I dealt briefly with the importance of reading your Bible as a way to build your faith. In Part 2, I want to consider prayer to build our faith.

How do I build my faith?

Try prayer. Prayer is really nothing more than a two-way conversation with God. Many people often shy away from prayer because they think prayer is a ritual reserved only for the clergy. However, this could not be further from the truth. Prayer is for everyone. No script is necessary. All you have to do is share your heart with God. He truly cares about every aspect of your life.

When was the last time you called your best friend on the phone and got caught up on all that has been going on in your lives?

Why not do the same thing with God?

He's waiting for your call.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Building Your Faith - Part 1 - Read Your Bible

I recently completed a bit of writing for a project for my local church. It has provided a great deal of material for me to blog about. Hopefully, I will be a little more productive in the coming days. Today, I present part 1 on the topic of "building your faith".

How do I build my faith?

Is faith like a muscle that I need to exercise?
Is faith something that is given to me like a gift?

I think the answer is "Yes" and "Yes!"

During the class that I was leading last Sunday, I asked how many of them would be willing to put all of their trust in someone whom they had never met or had little knowledge of?

Many of them stared at me with a puzzled expression. (OK, so that part is not so unusual)

Finally after a span of silence someone indicated that they could never trust someone that they didn't know. Well, the exact same thing is true of God. Why on earth would you ever trust a God you do not know? To know God is to know His Word, the Bible. Reading your Bible is an excellent way to build your faith in God; learning all about the wonderful promises he has in store for your life.

The Bible is many things. It is the story of God as shown by how He has related to mankind from man's first breath. It is both historical and personal. It is tells stories. And it contains God's words to me.

Are you looking to build your faith?

Start by getting to know the object of your faith -- God. And get to know Him through the reading and understanding of His Word, the Bible.

Friday, May 08, 2009


I was teaching an erstwhile Sunday School Class last Sunday morning and something dawned on me. Yes, me, the teacher.

I was leading a discussion on Bible study as a basic discipline of the Christian life. One of my comments was that we should have an intense drive to study the Bible. I followed that statement with another statement that built upon it by saying that it should be akin some of the secular interests that we have.

And then it hit me.

Let me explain.

I recently purchased a new "toy". It is something that I have wanted for quite some time. It was a significant purchase and I needed to sell a similar "toy" in order to have the money to buy the new one. In short it was a significant purchase.

There are many choices that I could have made. So, in order to make the very best decision I began some intense research. I looked at all of the manufacturers. I looked at the independent reviews. I researched the good and bad points about this item by reading through many of the User Forums on the internet. I even joined a few of them and began participating in the discussion. In a short few months, I became somewhat of an expert. I became a "Know-it-all" in the best sense of the word.

I now know a great deal about that item and I was prepared to make the purchase. So, I did. And I am now a happy and confident owner.

Now, juxtapose that experience with my discussion last Sunday morning. Do you get it? I got it! I clearly felt God whispering to me,

"Are you as intensely passionate and driven to study My Word?"

I had to confess that I was not at the time as intensely passionate about the Bible and reading and meditating on it.

The intent of this post is not to make anyone feel guilty. That was certainly not the way God dealt with me. God dealt with me gently and lovingly. Let him deal with you that way and re-ignite in you a drive and desire for Him and His Word.

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Saturday, May 02, 2009



We are each given 24 hours a day. No more. No less.

So why does time seem to pass so swiftly for some and not for others?

I have not posted lately. I haven't had enough time to write anything.

No, wait a minute. That's not right. I just said we each have 24 hours a day. Notice, I didn't say, "You have about 26 or 27 hours a day and I only have about 19."

But I digress. Back to my question. "So why does time seem to pass so swiftly for some and not for others?"

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Day My Life Changed . . . Again

There have been many days in my life that have been "life changing." March 19th was the most recent and one of the most dramatic.

On March 19th at 12:01 PM my daughter and her husband gave birth to their first child and my first grandchild. It was an extraordinary day and one that I know I will never forget. Just a glimpse of that baby through the glass and I knew that I had lost what little of my heart I had left. He already owned part of it from the time I knew that he was being formed in his mother's womb.

But to see his face . . . That was special.

And then to hold him in my arms . . . That was unbelievable.

I am incredibly blessed. God has given me a family that loves me and that family is growing.

Does it get any better than this?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Foundational Thoughts Bring Me Peace

I have been thinking a lot about the subject of "Change" lately. And all of the changes going on around me have caused me to think about some foundational thoughts from our past and to look to some of the folks who have shaped our doctrine and theology. One of those "shapers" is Martin Luther, the great reformer. Below is his morning prayer as recorded in his Small Catechism.

I thank you, my heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ, your dear Son, that you have kept me this night from all harm and danger; and I pray that you would keep me this day also from sin and every evil, that all my doings in life may please you. For into your hands I commend myself, my body and soul, and all things. Let your holy angel be with me, that the evil foe may have no power over me. Amen.

Nothing gives me more peace in the midst of life's many changes than being able to put myself into God's hands on a daily basis. This prayer is marvelous in its simplicity. It covers all of the bases.
  • It has an acknowledgment of who God is and who His Son is.
  • It offers thanks for his protection.
  • It calls upon the only One who can truly help us.
  • It places us into the hands of a loving God.
  • And it asks for God's power and protection.
That's pretty powerful for such few words. I think I'll give it a try tomorrow morning.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Change . . . Me?

Our former pastor and his wife used to sing a song every once in a while back when we lived in the Washington, DC area. That song was "Change My Heart O God" by Eddie Espinosa. Here are the lyrics in case you don't know it.

Change My Heart Oh God
Change my heart oh God
Make it ever true
Change my heart oh God
May I be like You

Change my heart oh God
Make it ever true
Change my heart oh God
May I be like You

You are the potter
I am the clay
Mold me and make me
This is what I pray

Change my heart oh God
Make it ever true
Change my heart oh God
May I be like You

That song did not mean as much to me back then as it does today. Today, my life is all about change. There are changes at work. There are changes at church. There are changes at home. Change is everywhere.

Benjamin Franklin said, "There is nothing certain in this world but death and taxes." And I would add one more thing to that list; Change!

But let me split a few hairs with the beloved Benjamin Franklin. I would suggest that external change is in fact inevitable. While internal change is not inevitable. So, while the world around me is rapidly changing, it is up to me do determine if I will accept those changes or reject them.

We recently elected a president in the United States who ran on a platform of "Hope and Change". Not all change is good. Not all change is bad. But this much I know. God wants to deal with changes in me at a heart level. While I may want to make cosmetic changes on the outside. god wants to change me from the inside.

So, those lyrics that Pastor John and Amy used to sing are ringing in my ears today. And I say with them, "Change my heart, oh God." Then and only then will I be able to be effective in ministry and demonstrate life-altering change the way that Jesus Christ intended.

What about you? Are there any big changes going on in your life? Are there big changes going on in your heart?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Mobile Blogging

It seems that this may need to be a more necessary means of blogging until my schedule slows down a little.

Is anyone else out there using the mobile blogging features of Blogger?

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Monday, January 05, 2009

My Favorite Posts for 2008

I have not been as prolific as I set out to be earlier this year. But, I am OK with that. Upon reflection, I am offering these as my favorite posts for this past year. They did not generate a ton of comments necessarily. But, these are ones that spoke to me, even if they did not speak to you as much. They are in no particular order.

Serving God or Knowing God -- A Generational Thing

Less Like Scars

Worshiping or Murmuring

Sinner or Saint

Sincere -- Sincerely Wrong

Family . . .

Pursuing Love . . . Redeeming Love

What were some of the blog postings from the blogs that you visit regularly that really spoke to you this year? Respond with a link to the blog that you found it on and we will all search for it and let it speak to us.

And thanks for reading and sharing.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Three Great Christmas Presents

I received a lot of great presents this Christmas. And I don't need most of them. But I have received three great presents this year that I am especially grateful for.

The first gift that I received this year was the gift of a new son. Well, actually he is my new son-in-law. My daughter was married this year and she has added a great young man to the family. He is a man who has a heart for God and who wants to be the man that God is calling him to be. And when it comes to a son-in-law, what more can a father ask for?

The second gift that I received this year was the news that I am going to be a grandfather. My first grandchild is due to be born in March and I cannot begin to comprehend what that will be like.

The third gift came recently and came by way of my son. One of the pastors at his church came up to me at the Christmas Eve service. He said that if the measure of a man is the way that his son turns out, then I am a very fortunate man. And I think I agree with him because I am very impressed by the young man that my son has become.

So, what did you get for Christmas?