Thursday, December 31, 2009

What have I learned in 2009?

I have experienced much in 2009 and I have learned much in 2009. 

The actual list is way too long (and way too boring for most folks to care about and read), but there are three highlights worthy of mentioning here.
  • I learned that journaling as a Spiritual discipline is really hard.
  • I learned that being a grandfather is unbelievably awesome!
  • I learned that God is still in control.
What have you learned this year?

What do you think next year will be like?

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  1. Hunter's mom11:33 AM

    I learned that every time I think I've successfully learned patience, I have to start over!

    And just this morning I learned that you don't take the baby's diaper off until the bath is ready!!

  2. Well, OK, then . . .