Sunday, August 30, 2009

One of the finest Worship Leaders I have ever known

I was invited to a church choir concert tonight.  The concert was at a church that we used to attend a few years ago.  We felt God releasing us from what we doing there and calling us to the church that we attend now.

We left that church with mixed emotions.  One of the emotions that we experienced when we left was the emotion and feeling of loss.  Loss of the blessing of watching a person with a true gift of God use it to bring glory and honor to Him.  While at that church we had an opportunity to observe one of the finest Ministers of Music or Worship Leaders that I have ever known.  He leads worship with such a passion that it is hard to put down in words.  It is a blessing just to watch him lead the choir and exhort them to sing with their whole heart.

I sat in the congregation tonight and just basked in the glory of God as we listened to some new music and some old standards of the church sung by the choir.  I was deeply moved by some of the music.  I watched with a sense of awe as the director led the choir tonight.  He was leading.  And they were following.  And God was getting the glory.

Thank you Mark Terry for all that have done and are doing for the Kingdom.  I always feel like I have worshiped when you lead in worship.

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